What is the role of quality media in the context of the post-truth climate? The spread of misinformation, widely disseminated through all kinds of platforms, is an alarming phenomenon. Given the current technological and business shift, traditional journalism is facing new challenges, forcing mainstream media and journalists to re-think their role in the democratic debate. This is particularly true in the current context, where it is key to reinvigorate the public purpose of journalism, to reconnect with citizens and rebuild trust in quality journalism. Does the mixture between journalistic content and privately-shared views on social media create confusion? Find out the answer to this and many other questions on May, 3 at the Centre for Fine Arts.

Participants : Jane Whyatt (ECPMF), Edwy Plenel (Mediapart), Alain Lallemand (Le Soir), Peter Cunliffe-Jones (IFCN)