Fake news is infecting public opinion like a virus. It spreads through social media or through traditional media channels that are used for propaganda or agitation purposes. Policy makers, specialists and journalists give answers to the following questions: What can democratic governments do to stop fake news? Can they pass laws? Are these laws effective? Can governments hold journalists, media or media platforms accountable or do they risk to hamper the freedom of expression that we hold so dear? And what can we do to prevent less democratic countries to spread propaganda and intoxicate the hearts and minds of their/the people? Find out more on fake news and policy on May, 3 at the Centre for Fine Arts.

Participants : Jerzy Pomianowski (Executive Director EED), Marietje Schaake (Dutch Politician & MEP for the Netherlands), Bob Rugurika (Director of Radio Publique Africaine), Philippe De Backer (Secretary of State for Privacy in the Belgian Federal government), Dirk Voorhoof (UGent)
Moderator : Jean-Paul Marthoz