Creative sectors are among the fastest-growing worldwide and the digital evolution opens up new opportunities for development. Investment in creativity empowers citizens and communities, helping to develop connectedness, wellbeing and social cohesion. Senegalese economist Felwine Sarr, Malian singerand activist Rokia Traoré, Italian vice-minister of External Affairs Mario Giro, Africa Director at UNESCO Edouard Matoko, and European Commission Human Development and Migration director Jean-Louis Ville will discuss, from their respective perspectives, innovative and forward-looking ideas on investment in culture and creativity.

In collaboration with Africalia, Agenda21 for culture (UCGL), Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo sviluppo, Asia-Europe Foundation, Arterial Network, Bozar, British Council, Coopération Education Culture (CEC), Culture et Developpement/Territoires Associés, European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), Goethe-Institut, Interarts, International Music Council.7 June




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