Marc Bouchkov, Violon
Sheva Tehoval, Soprano
Eunice Arias, Mezzo soprano
Olivier Manoury, Bandonéon
Alexander Gurning, piano
The Strings

Luc Tooten, violoncelle et direction artistique
Direction et violon: Michaël Guttman


Sheva Tehoval, soprano and Marc Bouchkov, violinist, two of today’s most exceptional and renowned talents, will be accompanied by the illustrious cellist LT, and The Strings, under the inimitable leadership of MG, with their interpretation of the most beautiful works of Astor Piazzolla.

After a short break Michaël Guttman, violin, Olivier Manoury, bandoneon, Alexander Gurning, piano, once again accompanied by Luc Tooten, The Strings and Dancers, will delight us with excerpts of music and dance of the Argentinian tango.

A truly magical visual and auditory experience!

The St John Foundation is a charitable organisation under the patronage of His Majesty the King