Born in Senegal in 1968, Fatou Diome has lived in France since 1994. A politically engaged author, her literary work is nourished by her struggle against intolerance. Her most recent work, Marianne porte plainte! is an excellent example of this. In it she demonstrates how the concept of national identity fractures society, creating a barrier between ‘them’ and ‘us’, while ignoring the migratory flows that have always played an important role in history. It celebrates the emancipating virtues of education, enabling us to go beyond our strictly defined perceived affiliations, to combat amalgams and to focus on the collective destiny of the human species.
Fatou Diome sees Humanity as something more than the sum of its artificially labelled subgroups.
The encounter with the author is the start of Les Assises Citoyennes sur les Migrations organised by the CNCD 11.11.11 and is organised in the context of the Migrations campaign by 11.11.11.