The TENDENCIES exhibition aims to place emphasis on works which question scientific and technological innovations as much as they incorporate them. It wants to open up the field of reflection relating to these links and highlight structural analogies between the creators of distinct and complementary fields. 
For this second edition, it unveils and promotes the work of six emerging or established female artists who probe innovative protocols and paradigms in the domains of artistic, scientific and technological creation. TENDENCIES brings together contrasting signatures of some of the most intriguing voices within the Belgian artistic sector.
This edition is organised in partnership with NOVA XX (Stéphanie Pécourt - curator) – an international competition dedicated to technological, scientific and artistic innovation amongst women in the age of the Fourth industrial revolution – instigated by the Halles Saint-Géry/Brussels.


With the participation of :

Esther Venrooy - Certaines altérations sont bien sûr essentielles


Stéphanie Roland - Deception Island


Anne Marie Maes - PH3 – Future Archaeology


Claire Williams - An Electromagnetic Walk


Katia Lecomte Mirsky  - Jardin Japonais Radioactif #3



Alex Verhaest - A la folie/ To insanity