"A Shadow in Time" is the latest piece of American composer William Basinski and will be performed as a Belgian premiere. Written as an eulogy for David Bowie, one half of the piece is a slowly evolving wave of melody and drone based on tape recordings of strings. The second half has been written for the Voyetra 8 synthesizer and also focuses on slowly evolving harmonies, accentuated by occasional glitches, or a distant piano.
Basinski has been composing since 30 years and is considered as one of the contemporary pioneers of repetitive harmonic drones, mostly incorporating a strong sense of melancholy and passing of time. His critically acclaimed composition "The Disintegration Loops", based on looped tape recordings of fragments of sound that slowly deteriorate as it passes by the tape head, is a benchmark in modern ambient music. His highly emotional music has found refuge in the world's most beautiful venues, and will finally resonate within the perfect acoustics of the Henry Le Boeuf hall.