SpaceTime Helix is a performance with an opto-acoustic instrument designed by Michela Pelusio. The work explores helical symmetries and infinity, frequencies and geometry, sonic visions and perceptions. The helix is a spinning standing wave in a white string, forming a large helicoid up to the ceiling.

Italian sculptor, art scientist and performer Michela Pelusio, focuses her work on immersive installations using space, light, matter and sound, producing experiences of being present in an environment that is magic and non-recordable. Her research involves the exploration of human perception and the crossover between art.science and technology.

Glenn Vervliet is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist.  He has created music theatre-pieces and audiovisual installations. He is the co-founder of ‘KoudVuur’, a music theatre company in Belgium where he focuses on video and sound design. He created soundscapes for dance pieces for the company ‘Peeping Tom’.
Space Time Helix will be performed as a Belgian premiere.