What happens when art, technology and neuroscience meet on stage? Can we create something completely new and different from what we expect from theatre now?

NeuroTheatre Collective invites spectators to participate in a unique experience of non-verbal communication led by future cyber-enhanced humans. Their emotions, triggered by their specific personality and expressed in dance improvisation together with brain-computer interface technologies will capture you in Demultiplexia story.

For this project, NeuroTheatre Collective has involved different artistic and scientific minds including Aleksander Väljamäe from HCI group at Tallinn University and BrainHack project, Ian Daly from University of Essex, media artists Juri Didevich and Alberto Novello, Fine5 DanceTheatre and Rene Nõmmik, Tiina Ollesk and Simo Kruusement, Brain-Computer Interface company g.tec, Ilkka Kosunen, Kristel Laur from Ikkun Creative Studio and other international experts.


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