Beatboxer Primitiv is a sound factory without machines. For this Belgian champion beatboxing is a lot more than a virtuoso demonstration of his impressive technique or the clever imitation of sounds. With just his throat, his voice and his mouth he gets the crowds dancing at festivals such as Dour and Couleur Café, and as a warm-up act for, amongst others, Snoop Dogg, Birdy Nam Nam, and C2C. In his incredible hip-hop sets he also explores electro, jazz and funk.

DJ Odilon has been extremely successful at different international turntable competitions. He also organises competitions, parties, workshops, and was a lecturer at the Academix DJ School in Brussels. His eclectic, funky sets hark back to the hip-hop culture of the 1980s, and to his own background as a musician. He is a composer who plays his faithful Technics MK2 as though it were a real instrument.