Freestyle O is hip-hop in its purest form: dancing bodies, contagious beats and cool rhymes. Freestyle O began on the street. Spontaneous freestyles regularly take place in different locations in Brussels. A DJ, an MC and a few dancers: that’s really all you need. But complaining neighbours or the police often throw a spanner in the works. Freestyle O wants to give these most organic of hip-hop meetings a safe place in the city, in locations where the performers can express themselves freely. In BOZAR the imposing Horta Hall will be that place.
The ‘O’ represents the circle. A large ring around the dancers and the MC. The DJ line-up is predetermined; everything else is given over to the moment itself. The dancefloor and mic are open to anyone and everyone. No battles with winners and losers, but simply the purest expressions of voices, bodies and stories, whatever your level.