Presenting Maarja Kangro (Estonia), Abdellatif Laâbi (France/Morocco), Chus Pato (Galicia/Spain), Andra Rotaru (Romania) and Peter Verhelst (Belgium).

Come and listen to a wonderful range of poetic voices from home and abroad.

The annual international poetry evening Transpoesie brings five well-known poets to Brussels. They read their works out loud in their own language, with surtitles in Dutch, French and English. KLARA journalist Gudrun De Geyter presents the poets and there are musical interludes from up-and-coming Belgian jazz talent Mattias De Craene.

Maarja Kangro (1973) is one of the notable voices from the new generation of Estonian authors. Her melodious poetry is full of unexpected twists and turns, paradoxes and irony. Alongside novels and poetry collections she has also written five opera libretti.

Abdellatif Laâbi (1942) is a great innovator of Moroccan poetry. He was persecuted for his criticism of the regime and has been living in exile in France for more than thirty years. These experiences are the source of a highly acclaimed multifaceted and politically engaged oeuvre. 

Chus Pato (1955) is, as a writer and political activist, a key figure in Galicia, Spain. Her poems, which are inspired by Marxism, feminism and Galician nationalism, transcend the borders of poetic conventions and mix diverse literary genres. 

Andra Rotaru (1980) is a Romanian cultural journalist and literary activist. She won four literary awards for her poetry debut, inspired by a painting by Frida Kahlo. Her interdisciplinary work combines poetry with dance and video performances. 

Peter Verhelst (1962) is one of Flanders’ most highly acclaimed writers. He has won more than 25 literary awards, including the Herman de Coninck Prize - Flanders’ most prestigious poetry prize - on three occasions. His multifaceted oeuvre is suffused with verbal sensuality and physical imagery.