The arrival of hip-hop on the public stage and in the media led to a discussion on its real contributions to society: on the one hand, we accuse hip-hop of advocating sexism, consumerism and individualist and reactionary positions; on the other hand, we observe that hip-hop, with its effortless mix of foreign languages, is multi-culturalism in action: the linguistic formations of hip-hop could shape a revival of the ‘Brussels’ language. The hip-hop milieu is also an alternative to parental or school education, and offers a toolbox through its codes and disciplines. It’s a form of self-study which enables some individuals to achieve their ambitions in civil society and to embrace the professions of graphic designer, designer, comedian, entrepreneur, etc.

Moderator: Grégoire Legrain
With: Max Meli (manager Back in the Dayz), Pablo Andres (actor and comedian), Badi (rapper), Veence Hanao