Yassin Mrabtifi offers a mix of pop culture, contemporary and oriental dance, cinema, martial arts and hip-hop. Since he was 13, he has been teaching himself to dance, and has been on a quest to discover his own style. When he was 20, he founded his first group, Bahod Family, with which he took part in breakdance battles. Three years later, he was one of the founders of the cie No Way Back directed by Milan Emmanuel. Since then, Yassin has taken part in several of Wim Vandekeybus’s creations: Talk to the Demon, Spiritual Unity and In Spite of Wishing and Wanting. In 2015, he put together his first show, From Portici with Love. In his latest piece, From Molenbeek with Love, he explores revolution, identity and the role of art in society, in reference to the Molenbeek commune. This must-see is at BOZAR on the 21st of July.

Yassin Mrabtifi will have a conversation with Ecaterina Vidick (documentary film maker, director and producer Hiatus  / Daniel Linehan).