Sien Eggers actress, concept – Jessa Wildemeeersch actress, concept – Sofie Palmers actress, concept

Three women meet up and embark upon a study of Shakespeare. Everyone has their own reasons for doing this. They drink wine. Lose themselves in the language. Look for Shakespeare’s women in themselves, from Lady Macbeth to the ‘Tamed Shrew’, from Portia to Ophelia. As the plays progress (and the wine flows) their lives become more and more entwined with Shakespeare’s roles for women. With all the consequences that ensue.

Three born-actresses join forces on this exhilarating Shakespearean journey. Sien Eggers has acted with, amongst others, De Koe and Het Gevolg and is, thanks to programmes such as Het Eiland, Van vlees en bloed and Eigen kweek, one of Flander’s most popular TV actresses. Jessa Wildemeersch is at The Actors Studio in New York and made a name for herself with a few successful monologues. She also had a leading role in the De Kavijaks series. Sofie Palmers has already worked with the likes of Skagen and De Koe, and was in De Helaasheid Der Dingen.