Roland Schimmelpfennig Text – Robby Cleiren actor – Sara De Bosschere actress – Sofie Sente actress – Luc Nuyens actor – Said Boumazoughe actor – Milan Warmoeskerken composition

Francisca has forgotten that she was once an Arabian princess. She shares an apartment with her friend Fatima. Every evening she falls into a deep sleep on the sofa and does not awake till dawn. Nothing and nobody can wake her before sunrise. Just like an Oriental Sleeping Beauty. Until one night when three men try to kiss her: the manager of their apartment block, a romantic voyeur and Fatima's friend Kalil.

With Arabische Nacht De Roovers – after De Gouden Draak – has once again opted for a play by the German author Roland Schimmelpfennig. He lived in Istanbul for a while and rewrote this fairy tale from the Arabian Nights in the fragmented style that has become his hallmark. The play consists of five magnificently staged monologues.