Karolien De Bleser actress, text – Joeri Smet text – Valentijn Dhaenens text – Renato Nicolodi set design

Difficult to imagine: no mortgages, no knitting scarves, no swimming pools, no butterfly stroke and no more honey kept in glass bowls. No more animals stuffed, no more skyscrapers built. No more suicide and no more mathematics. There would be no more talk about the old days, about what's possible. There would be no more summaries, no more words. Difficult to imagine. It could never come to this. A world without us.

Ontroerend Goed brings you a monologue about the inevitable disappearance of mankind, about a world rid of the human plague. A journey that begins in your theatre seat, with the roof that collapses, the sun flooding in, rats running around the empty space. But what would actually be lost if humankind ceased to exist?

World without us is the third and final part of a trilogy by director Alexander Devriendt about humankind and the cosmos. Actress Karolien De Bleser has already appeared at BOZAR with Compagnie Barbarie on a number of occasions.