Dounia Mahammed text, director, – Tine Van Aerschot coaching

Thoughts come tumbling out in this intimate solo work from the dramatist Dounia Mahammed. Her graduation performance Salut Copain (2015) is a dazzling attempt to reach the real through the absurd.  Dounia uses language as a medium to philosophize, dream, sketch, vacillate and question on stage.

Inspired by the work of the Russian absurdist Daniil Charms and the US postmodernist Paul Auster, Dounia creates a virtuoso game revolving around identity and difference.  It is the story of everyday events that spill over into an almost apocalyptic description of a world that is falling apart. A monologue craving to be a dialogue.

Dounia is alone on stage, a young girl dressed in black, but is able to fill the entire space with her doubts, observations and ideas.  
Salut Copain was previously selected for Theater Aan Zee.