Aicha Cissé actress, concept – Nele Vereecken dramaturgy, coaching – Steven Brys set design, lighting design

Since January 2016 Aïcha Cissé has been collecting both funny and sad anecdotes, tales of romance both old and new, and visions of love. Do all these different stories expose the universal basis of being together or being alone?

Prêt-à-Aimer is a monologue, a melting pot of autobiographical elements, literary research, and the testimony of single people in search of love. It’s is a monologue with many questions and hopefully a few of the answers we’re all (secretly) waiting to hear.

Aicha Cissé is an actress with ’t Arsenaal. Together with Aminata Demba she created the play Dis moi wie ik ben, dealing with mixed feelings about being Belgian with foreign roots, and which will be performed at BOZAR as part of the Afropolitan Festival.