Vincent Hennebicq text, director – Vincent Cahay actor – Dorcy Rugamba actor – François Sauveur actor – Giacinto Caponio set design, lighting – Emilie Jonet costumes

Going Home tells of the troubled tale of "Michalak the Ethiopian", a young man adopted by an Austrian family and protagonist in a chaotic story played out between Salzburg and Addis-Ababa. The work explores the twists and turns of his existence, evoking his hopes and fears, his disappointments and dreams. Accompanied by sound and image, the vivid account tells of his childhood in the Austrian countryside, depression, alcoholism, his job in a brothel, prison, and the desire to end it all…

A highly topical subject, brilliantly staged by Vincent Hennebicq (Parasites et Heroes (Just for one day)) and magnificently performed by the actor and author Dorcy Rugamba (Aller retour au Paradis, Rwanda 94, l’Instruction). Going Home makes no concessions in reflecting a reality that all too often one refuses to look at in the face. One from which there is ultimately no escape.