Sophie Warnant text, concept, director, interpretation – Romain Vaillant director, concept, interpretation, text – Simon Halsberghe sound designer – Amélie Dubois lighting – Leo de Nijs collaboration artistique et technique

They talk about mental health, detached, but with humor and poetry. They want to show the place of the so-called "fools" in our society. The want to re-investigate today's psychiatry.

Those are the aims of Sophie Warnant and Romain Vaillant in their peformance Ha Tahfénéwai!. To do so, the two actors spent considerable time at two specialist institutions, in France and Belgium. In words and movement they relate what they saw and heard there, widening the reflection to questions that are as essential as they are uncomfortable:  the place of a patient in an institution, sectioning, aggressive therapies.

The power of Ha Tahfénéwai! lies in its purity of form and reflections that are never moralising or Manichean. A subtle and humanist play that everyone should see to understand a different way of looking at mental health.