Marguerite Duras text – Guillemette Laurent director – Catherine Salée actress – Yoann Blanc actor – Christine Grégoire set design, costumes – Nicolas Mouzet-Tagawa set design, costumes – Julie Petit-Etienne light desing

A woman. A man. They were in love, had formed a couple. But that was before. Because time has passed and never ceases to pass, wreaking on the characters the violence of disintegration. The clash of these former lovers, Anne-Marie Roche and Michel Nollet – played by Catherine Salée and Yoann Blanc –, is narrated by the language of Marguerite Duras, with its contrasts, its silences and its accelerations, its overlappings and its hesitations, as well as by the music that fills the stage, a heteroclite musical world originating in different ages and different worlds. The protagonists are the almost mythical heroes in a story that is the story of us all, as love and suffering spares nobody. Tumbling inexorably towards death, they end up drained, defeated both by the impossibility of their relationship and of ever being finally released from it.