Jérôme De Falloise director, actor – Wim Lots sound designer – Fred Op de Beeck set design – Raven Ruëll director

Fifteen years ago, Alex and Una had a relationship. Their fate was decided by the courts. He served a prison sentence. She was entrusted to the psychiatrists. When he came out of prison he did all he could to ensure that this relationship would disappear from his life: he changed his name, occupation, town. Even his face had lost all signs of his passion for Una. But Una was unable to escape from their common past. She relived it every day in her family, in the way others looked at her, in this wound that refused to heal. Then, one day, she bumped into Alex at his place of work, reviving this memory that he wanted to forget. How to establish a dialogue that he does not want? What is it still possible to say? And to hear?