Hip-hop has fascinated generation after generation of young people for more than 30 years now. Yet Belgian rappers who can actually live from their music are few and far between. Falling record sales, minimal media interest in the genre, and conservative reflexes in the cultural world (from concert venues by way of the public sector to record labels) all have their role to play.
But at the same time, the explosion of sharing platforms and streaming means a whole host of new artists are popping up and developing their talents. Some of them attribute their success to Back in the Dayz, which came out of nowhere to become a key management and booking bureau, concert promotor and programmer.
Can you really earn a living with hip-hop in Belgium? How do you develop your music and your image? How do you improve your lyrics? Who should you collaborate with? Whose door should you go knocking on? Can you make a living out of your hobby? Back in the Dayz and their guests provide the answers.