The cocktail: a mix of different and diverse ingredients which together result in a brand new and delicious whole. The musical project Cocktail Maison sticks to the same principle with composers: very diverse in age, style, experience, background and training. And seeing as they’re all Flemish composers, we get something of a Cocktail Maison. With famous composers such as Piet Swerts, Jef Neve, Jan Huylebroeck, Francois Glorieux, youthful enthusiasm from the likes of Bart Watté and Etienne Houben and home-grown talent from Nico Schoeters and Klaas Coulembier.
Cocktail Maison is a mix of soothing chamber music, expertly shaken by soloists Nico Schoeters (marimba and vibraphone) and Inge Smedts (flute, piccolo and alto flute). Dancer Yiphun Chiem improvises somewhere between street style and martial arts. This young choreographer with Cambodian roots lets the rhythms and sounds of Western hip-hop clash with traditional South East Asian music, flirts with the mythology of dragons and demons, and plays with the masculine codes of breakdance.