Yassin Mrabtifi
Yassin Mrabtifi combines pop culture, contemporary dance, film, martial arts and hip-hop in his work. Yassin has been dancing since he was thirteen years of age. Just like many other hip-hop dancers he learnt styles such as popping, locking and breakdance in the train and metro stations of Brussels. His work speaks directly to the public, and asks questions about the influence of the arts on society, identity and the Brussels community he calls home. Since 2013 he has been a member of the dance company Ultima Vez. From Molenbeek with Love is his first solo performance as both choreographer and performer.

Les Mybalés
Nathalie et Doris Bokongo Nkumu are twin sisters, and they also examine this in their work; because twins fascinate, and are loaded with symbolism and mythology in many cultures.
The sisters began their dance career in Brussels’ Luxemburg Station. They where tutored by famous dancers from the Brussels hip-hop scene such as Baloo and Zach Swagga, and participated in international contests. Through the nonprofit organization Lezarts Urbain they got involved in the European project 7Steps.
There they came into contact with the French choreographer Marion Motin and she helped to put their first show together. This season they have performed in Malcolm X at the KVS and at the Afropolitan festival in BOZAR.  Their work combines house, hip-hop and contemporary dance.