Alzghair Mithkal interpretation, choreography – Marion Blondeau interpretation – Olivier Normand interpretation – Noma Omran interpretation, composition for voices – Khaled Dawwa visual artist – Julie Valette light desing – François Chaussebourg sound engineer, director – Manon Denarié costumes – Clémence Sormani Production and diffusion

Mithkal Alzghair is a Syrian choreographer and dancer. In Transaction he creates images which whisper and cry out in terror. Four performers from Syria and France hang in the void, in harnesses and ropes, between action and passivity. This is an examination of the power of images from conflict zones, an attempt to uncover the human dimension in the incessant, numbing stream of images.

Mithkal Alzghair studied in Damascus and Montpellier, and fled his country to avoid military service. His works can be seen at major international theatre festivals including recently at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels.