Jānis Balodis dramaturgy, performer, concept – Valters Sīlis Artistic director

National Development Plan (NDP) is a lecture-performance based on 68 pages of text: a plan that, if it were to be implemented, would make every Latvian inhabitant twice as rich, better educated and happier in as little as seven years’ time. The economic breakthrough, as described in the plan, can only take place with the collaboration of the entire Latvian population. This performance is thus a call to arms.

NDP is the first solo of the young, charismatic performer Jānis Balodis, who was particularly productive as a playwright and dramatist. He has already tackled subjects such as the war in Ukraine (War Notes), the ecological catastrophe of the Marupite River in Riga (Marupite) and the most recent Latvian presidents (All My Presidents). On all these politically engaged projects Balodis works in collaboration with director Valters Sīlis.