Artur Klinau Text – Tanya Arcimovich Text – Anton Sarokin sound – Alexandr Marchenko performer

Belarus 4'33. A Sun City of Dream Point Zero is based on Artur Klinau’s novel and photo series of the same name about Minsk. It’s the story of a man who grows up in a district, a city, and above all in one of the least successful social experiments in world history: the Soviet Union. But it isn’t just the portrait of life with the trauma of the Soviet project. It’s also about the search for his own identity in a city, even if that city lies in ruins, a place without memories.

Tanya Arcimovich and Anton Sarokin work with Klinau’s concept but supplement his story with contemporary voices and images, from YouTube to Wikipedia. Alexander Marchenko performs this lecture-performance in a version that has been specially adapted for the Terarken Room.