I Gede Radiana Putra

BARIS DANCE - Gede Radiana Putra
Baris is the collective name for various forms of traditional martial dance from Bali. Accompanied by gamelan, it explores the range of emotions felt by a young warrior going into battle. His movements are first marked by fear and uncertainty, he then quickly regains self-confidence and achieves a resounding victory. Baris is a glorification of masculinity and the commanding presence of Balinese warriors.

THE RUMORS - Mugiyono Kasido
The Rumors observes with caustic humour the social, economic and political situation in Indonesia, marked by disorder, contradiction and uncertainty. Nothing seems to really stick. Everything we learn appears to be based on contradictory rumours of vague and dubious origin, which makes it almost impossible to understand the true situation. Mugiyono Kasido sees an analogy between society and the human body: both are composed of many elements, each with their own function and position. When harmony is disturbed, the whole body suffers, falls ill, and ends up dying in misery.

In In the Footsteps of the Body, the choreographer and dancer Sherli Novalinda fuses the movements and memories of her own body with those of the male dancer Kurniadi Ilham. This identity crossover is not only about gender, but also culture: Ilham, who specialises in Minangkabau traditional dance, interprets the typical dance movements of the Kerinci culture performed by Novalinda. Thus, they show how a body can transform itself and translate into another, regardless of cultural and historical antecedents.

G.H.U.L.U.R. - Moh. Hariyanto
slams his body several times against heavy sheets of corrugated zinc. He does it aggressively, throwing himself into the air without seeming to care about where he lands. The metal trembles under the violence of the impact and the emanating sound is a symphony of indentations that envelop the soul of the dancer. Recalling the zinc roofs of rural houses in Indonesia, metal represents a symbolic surface from which Hariyanto tries to launch his aspirations.