Marina Davydova concept, text, Artistic director – Vera Martynov set design, video – Vladimir Rannev music

With Eternal Russia you literally get to walk through Russian history. In a gigantic performance-installation in the Horta Hall you follow a circuit that makes the physical link between past and present. Eternal Russia sheds light on the short, hopeful period just after the 1917 revolution, when Russia was going through a political, artistic and sexual awakening. But why didn’t these ideas take root? How come, in barely 10 years’ time, Soviet socialism changed into a totalitarian dictatorship, which entrenched itself behind fine communist slogans? 
Eternal Russia also looks at a century of nostalgia about the pre-revolution Russian Empire. Dazzling images of a Russian utopia.

The author and historian Marina Davydova (texts) is artistic director of the Net festival in Moscow. Previously Vera Martynov (scenography and video) was artistic director of the Gogol Center Theatre in Moscow, and is now artistic director of the New Space Theatre of Nations. She works as a scenographer for different theatres and museums.