Since the late 1960s the painter Jean Glibert (Brussels, 1938) has pursued a creative logic in his work that is close to that of the architect. From the method of finalising the designs through to completion and reception by the client, his work displays the same principal characteristics. Like an architect, he too works on the constructive image of the environment. Push and pull, stresses and rhythms… are all present in his work. With Jean Glibert form and matter are not autonomous: colour is never a mere coating; light is always more than a matter of illumination. Form, matter, colour and light always play a role in the organisation and total physicality of the space. 

JEAN GLIBERT. Peintre en bâtiment is more than a retrospective. The exhibition was conceived in close cooperation with the artist, defining not only the scenographic device but also the visual interventions that establish a dialogue with the Centre for Fine Arts as designed by Victor Horta. The exhibition will also look at Jean Glibert's methodologies, illustrated by the object collections and series of photographs presented on this occasion.  


Curators: Emmanuel De Meulemeester, Michel De Visscher and Laurent Jacob.


This exhibition is an initiative of Alda Greoli, Minister of Culture, produced by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (General administration of Culture / Contemporary Plastic Arts Directorate / Architecture Unit).

Did you know?

  • Jean Glibert

    He’s the Belgian architect who is also a painter. He builds with colour and paints with buildings. Next year he will turn 80, and the celebrations start right now with an exhibition.

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