Liliana Herrero voice – Pedro Rossi guitar, voice – Ariel Naón double-bass

The voice that Argentina deserves” – Mercedes Sosa

The Argentinian singer Liliana Herrero began her musical career in the 1960s. Since then she has explored the Argentinian folk roots and given them a contemporary feel. Her interpretations of traditional melodies almost sound like new compositions. Her music is not a fusion of Argentinian folklore and rock, she says so herself, but rather a clash: two different traditions which are looking each other straight in the eye. Her very first album came out exactly 30 years ago; three decades which have been characterised by originality and risk. Herrero is also socially and politically engaged. In her youth she was arrested by the military junta because of her involvement in the Peronistic movement. Last year there was a big fuss about the alleged censorship of her political speeches in a public TV broadcast during a folk festival.

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