A story of five strong women who defied the norms of an ancient patriarchal society emerging anew from trials and tribulations that changed the course of their lives. The physical state of these women is not what defines them but rather the mental grit that emerges from their raw experiences. Strong, fiery, independent even defiant, each woman represents a force that Hindu Mythology salutes. Ahalya, Sita, Draupadi, Tara and Mandodari are the five exceptional women depicted in Indian classical dance style as akin to one of the five elements.

Choreographed by Gayatri Sriram under the mentorship of Smt Minal Prabhu, Gayatri explores the souls of each woman, bringing out their inner voice that  shatters norms and breaks tradition.

Nattuvangam: Minal Prabhu
Vocals: Shri Balasubramanya Sharma,
Mridangam: Shri G Gurumurthy
Flute: Shri Jayaram Kikkeri
Rhythems pads : Shri Prasanna Kumar
Lighting design : Shri Murugan
Costumes: Supriya Komandur and Lakshmi Srinath
Master of ceremony: Dheepa Rajan