The attacks in Paris in January and November 2015 and the attacks in Brussels on 22 March 2016 revived questions about the compatibility of Islamic and European values. Although the visibility of Islam and its fundamentalist currents have been widely studied, we know little about the reality and forms of the daily religious practices of Muslims and the impact these practices have on their integration into European societies.

Via the results of the Belgo-Marocains et Belgo-Turcs : (auto)portrait de nos concitoyens (Belgo-Moroccans and Belgo-Turks: a (self)portrait of our fellow citizens), this exhibition by Corinne Torrekens explores the facts and paints a nuanced picture of the religious practices of Belgian Muslims, between secularisation and social conservatism.

Corinne Torrekens is a professor of social and political sciences (ULB) and managing director of DiverCity, a diversity management consultancy company.