Aynur Dogan voice – Cemîl Qoçgîrî Tenbûr – Alex Simu clarinet – Franz Von Chossy piano – Manuel Lohnes bass – Kristijan Krajncan

Whenever Aynur takes a melody, she makes it her own, transforming it into something beautiful, and every note, every microtone, every word reaches depth and unparalleled beauty. She is a reason to love live music for centuries"  Javier Limón


More than a just a singer or musician, Aynur is a symbol of Kurdish culture and disseminates more than 300 years of musical history. Her compositions (which she devises as a combination of modern Western music and traditional Alevi ballads) and her lyrics exploring the suffering of her people, particularly women, have earned her unrivalled success among Kurdish people. Underlining the meeting of cultures, her concert will be a joyful sonic fusion, with Cemîl Qoçgîrî on Kurdish tenbûr, Franz von Chossy on classical piano, Alex Simu on jazz clarinet, Kadir Doğan on percussion and Manuel Lohnes on doublebass. Recognised with a Master of Mediterranean Music Award in 2017 from the prestigious Berklee Mediterranean Music Institute, her success has allowed her to collaborate with leading artists and groups such as Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, Kayhan Kalhor, Javier Limón, Kinan Azmeh, Mercan Dede and Sertab Erener.


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