Hans Beckers builds the most amazing sound installations. For his new project, which is called Klopotec, he travelled to the Kråkeslottet, an enchanting old house in a Norwegian fishing village. The man who lives there collects magnificent pieces of driftwood, which have been sculpted by the sea before being abandoned on the beach. Using this wood, Hans Beckers has built a remarkable orchestra of “klopotecs”. These are windmills, with long blades, which were used to drive snakes from the vines in Slovenia many centuries ago.

Sitting amid his windmill orchestra, Hans Beckers engages in a dialogue with Teun Verbruggen, an exceptional percussionist who earned his spurs with FES, Mélanie de Biasio and the Jef Neve Trio. Together they transform Klopotec into a visual and auditory spectacle that will rattle, hum, drum and is just as astounding as a colourful shadow play.