New music for a new era! In 1913, the Italian musician Luigi Russolo bade farewell to the classical instruments for which Beethoven had composed his symphonies. As far as the young Russolo was concerned, the twentieth century needed new sounds that corresponded with the noise and speed of a new era, including the sounds of engines, factories, hectic urban life, whistling and roaring locomotives. He created new sound machines, which he felt were more closely connected to a world of metal and plastic, of factory sirens, of the sounds of the street and of advertising slogans. Russolo transformed the noise of daily life into music with the droning, rattling, shrieking and murmuring sounds of his intonarumori.

MATRIX started from these futuristic instruments to develop a new project, consisting of a a publication and an interactive installation that will premiere at the BIG BANG festival. Step in, discover and be part of this extraordinary world of sound machines.