The BIG BANG festival wouldn’t be complete without our legendary Music Rooms. Every year, this musical voyage of discovery, that takes you to secret rooms and into the festival’s hidden nooks and crannies, delivers some outstanding surprises. Peek behind the doors of the Music Rooms, the broom cupboards, the attics and the cellars, the classrooms and rehearsal rooms to enjoy this year’s three fantastic mini concerts:

  • The young and talented pianist Thomas Eeckhout takes on his favourite composer, Claude Debussy.
  • MADE IN EL KWAKKABA by Alec De Bruyn and Silke Melis was created with donated toys. The children go in search of forgotten toys. Each lost Furby, every abandoned teddy bear, any watch that is missing a battery will light up the eyes of another child rather than being tossed in the rubbish bin.
  • “Platform one, the ICE train to Cologne will arrive on platform one.” The suitcases roll across the pavement. Heels click. A general hubbub. “Please beware that pickpockets are operating in this station!” Where are we travelling to? A WAY is an open concert. Composer Mirek Coutigny and soprano Irene Carpentier transform each performance into a transitory space filled with sounds with the help of the audience.