For the SUPERDEMOCRACY. The Senate of Things exhibition, BOZAR’s AGORA discussion platform presents a series of conferences and discussion rooms.
At the public opening, on Sunday October 1st at the Belgian Senate (13, Rue de Louvain - 1000 Brussels), fifteen speakers will express their views on the issues tackled by the exhibition. Intellectual or poetic positions, sometimes provocative, or more moderate and academic.


13:30 - Mireille Hildebrandt, Professor of Interfacing Law and Technology (VUB) & ICT and Rule of Law (Raboud University, Nijmegen)
Topic: Text quality (NL)

13:45 - Raoul Servais, (animation) filmmaker
Topic: Concordia (NL)

14:00 - Adva Zakai, choreographer
Topic: Res Publica (EN)

14:15 - Graham Watt, Professor of Medicine (University of Glasgow)
Topic: Well-being (EN)

14:30 - François Jégou, designer
Topic: Inventio (FR)

14:45 - Christophe Meierhans, artist
Topic: Solidarity (EN)

15:00 - Shaireen Aftab, criminologist
Topic: Diversitas (NL)

15:15 - Fayssal Ouali, slam poet
Topic: Radicalisation (NL)

15:30 - Dirk Geldof, sociologist
Topic: Diversitas (NL)

15:45 - Marije Lutgendorff, entrepreneur
Topic: Economy (NL)

16:00 - Muriel Andrin, Professor specialized in cinema, gender and society (ULB)
Topic: Diversitas (FR)

16:15 - Jo Goossens, biologist
Topic: Well-being (NL)

16:30 - Rosa Sijben, artist
Topic: Reflection (NL)

16:45 - Aminata Demba, actress and theatre maker
Topic: Diversitas (FR)

17:00 - Cathy Macharis, Professor specialized in sustainable mobility and logistics (VUB)
Topic: Mobility (NL)