On the occasion of its 90th birthday, BOZAR is looking back over the history of its own building, the Centre for Fine Arts that was designed and built by Victor Horta between 1919 and 1928. The design history is meticulously reconstructed and for the first time ever we take a look at the different transformations that this cultural infrastructure has undergone over the years. Alongside alterations by architects, we also focus on the temporary installations and/or in situ work by visual artists.
Throughout the exhibition, we assess how this heritage should be dealt with today. What needs to be changed so that we can organise performances and exhibitions in optimal conditions? How can visitors be efficiently welcomed? How can user-friendliness be enhanced without compromising heritage value? In short, how can the Centre for Fine Arts take up its role as a multi- and interdisciplinary Belgian cultural institution that is a major player on the international scene?