“This six-part Anglo-German drama is set in 1974 when Berlin was still divided by a wall between a pro-Soviet communist regime in the East and a democratic capitalist West supported by the Americans. (…) The Same Sky brilliantly re-animates – and analyses – a strange tragi-comic period of history that now looks almost cosily nostalgic in the ability of such dedicated enemies to share one city.” M. Lawson, The Guardian

19:00 Opening cocktail
20:00 Screening The Same Sky

DE, 2017, season 1, ep. 1 & 2, OV, st FR+NL
Created and Written by: Paula Milne
Director(s): Oliver Hirschbiegel
With: Tom Schilling, Ben Becker, Sophia Helin, Hannes Wegener, Jörg Schüttauf, Stefanie Amarell
Production Companies: Beta Film production, UFA Fiction, ZDF, Mia Film, Rainmark Films
Broadcaster(s): ZDF (Germany), Netflix (UK & USA)