“The Kingdom is a malarial nightmare in the guise of a medical drama, part B-movie horror, part art film, part cheesy soap. I'm not sure it adds up, or even knows where it's going. But who cares? The journey is a glorious bone-rattler of shocks and satire, bouncing us down all manner of teasing dead ends.” X. Brooks, The Guardian. The Kingdom, Lars Von Trier’s cult horror series, screening of the entire first series for a night that is guaranteed to chill you to the bone!

DK, 1994, season 1, ep. 1-4, OV (Danish) st EN, 4 x 66’
Director(s): Lars Von Trier
Screenplay: Tomas Gislason & Lars Von Trier
With: Ernst-Hugo Järegård, Kristen Rolffes, Holger Juul Hansen
Production Company:  Zentropa Entertainment
Broadcaster: DR, Arte 

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