CREW is a Brussels-based company that has been exploring the cross-over between technology and live-art for many years now. Thanks to an extensive scientific network and its role within European technological consortia CREW has access to the latest experimental, ‘immersive’ technological applications. These are artistically implemented for the creation of interactive installations and hybrid performances which immerse a variety of target groups in a fictional world.

C.a.p.e. (Computer Automatic Personal Environment) is a mobile, light configuration which, in 2010, was developed by CREW in collaboration with Universiteit Hasselt/EDM. Edifying technology immerses the visitor in another world and places him/her in the middle of a 360° filmed environment.  Thanks to a pair of video glasses, trackers and headphones it’s possible to move around in the filmed image and not just to explore, but also to experience the virtual environment ‘live’. In recent years several C.a.p.e.’s have been made, including C.a.p.e. Brussels with recordings in Molenbeek.

C.a.p.e. Brussels was created for the World Exhibition in Shanghai and takes you on a very individual journey through Brussels (The Marolles, Molenbeek etc.); tactility plays a major role as there is a combination of walking, hearing and feeling.
Alongside the exhibition of an artistic result there is also an (art) educational component, with your active participation (the public) as the point of departure. The C.a.p.e. format is aimed at the unique, individual experience of the spectator who activates his own experience by moving his body in the virtual environment. The immersion enables you to experience your own city ‘from the inside’. CREW creates a link between ‘the body’ and the ‘intimate connection with the other’.