Lucas is a 12 year old, who is starting out in his new family… a patchwork family, where he is going to have to make a place for himself. Lucas, cheeky only son with his head in the clouds is the complete opposite of the Goossens family whose children made up the rules a long time ago…

In the presence of the whole cast and the production team

Screening young audience (8 - 14 y.)

BE, 2017, season 1, ep. 1-6, NL, 6 x 8’
Creator(s): Lionel Delhaye, Jérôme Dernovoi, Benjamin Torrini et Xavier Vairé
Director(s): Lionel Delhaye, Jérôme Dernovoi, Benjamin Torrini
With: Hugo Gonzalez, Chloé Von Arx, Elliot Goldberg, Angelo Dello Spedale, Salomé Dewaels, Juliette Gillis, Alexandre von Sivers
Production Company: Narrativ Nation
Broadcatser(s): RTBF/OufTivi & VRT/KETNET, TV5 Monde