Teun Verbruggen drums – Nicolas Thys bass – Andreas Bral piano – Bart Borremans saxophone – Lennert Baerts saxophone – Hanne De Backer baritone saxophone – Dunja Mees voice

Accompanied by five talented jazzmen from the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, Teun Verbruggen and Nicolas Thys breathe life back into We Insist!, a legendary avant-garde record from 1960. This emblematic album about the civil rights movement in the United States marked the era through its denunciation of racism which targeted Afro-American minorities. Written by Max Roach and Oscar Brown and aided by the voice of Abbey Lincoln, it includes real gems such as Freedom Day or Tears for Johannesburg, and constitutes a real milestone in the history of jazz, that Nicolas Thys and Teun Verbruggen’s septet revisits with intelligence and subtlety.