12.01.18 : Drew McDowall + Lumisokea
10.03.18 : Emptyset + Yves De Mey


BOZAR ELECTRONIC SERIES are intimate nights (200 seats) showcasing a wide range of cutting edge music blurring the borders of electronic, contemporary and experimental music.


Drew McDowall (ex-Coil) (SCOTT)

Drew McDowall is probably best known as a member of  the legendary outfit Coil, and has also been a regular player in Psychic TV. McDowall’s influence on their music is unmistakeable. His electronic approach, integrating metallic  and reverberated percussive ambient drones can also be found on his 2 solo albums released on Dais Records. As a solo performer, he delves into the arcanes of modular synthesis and stays faithful to the deep, esoteric and intense sonic regions explored by the 2 afore-mentionned acts. The meditative drones and abstract sound patterns, sometimes augmented by sampled cut-ups have become a trademark for his brooding and essential sound


Lumisokea presents « Dervish » (B/I)
Lumisokea is a Belgian-Italian duo, formed by Koenraad Ecker and Andrea Taeggi. Their music music can be described as being highly tactile, rich in texture and polyrhythmic, blurring the lines between the acoustic and the electronic to create a challenging and introspective listening experience.  For our BES, the duo becomes a quartet adding two percussionists (Onno Govaert and Luca Marini) to the project. Together, the ai mis to overcome the differences between acoustic/live instrumentation and electronic/programmed tools, re-integrating a high level of on-stage interaction and a search for extended and ecstatic live performances, as reflected in the project’s title : „Dervish“ refers to an ancient ritual practice in Sufi mysticism, in which a performer aims to achieve an enraptured state though rhythm and dance.