Seen the great interest generated by the exhibition Watching You, Watching Me, it is being prolonged until March 9. 


Watching You, Watching Me explores the intersection between photography and surveillance. Employing a dynamic range of approaches—from documentary to conceptual practice, from appropriation to street art—these 10 artists provide a satellite-to-street view of the ways in which surveillance culture blurs the boundaries between the private and public realm.
The exhibition looks into how photography can be both an instrument of surveillance and a tool to expose and challenge its negative impact. In tackling the inherent difficulty of visualizing something that is meant to be both omnipresent and covert—seemingly everywhere and nowhere at the same time—the artists in this exhibition employ a dynamic range of approaches.

With works by Mari Bastashevski & Privacy International, Edu Bayer, Josh Begley, Paolo Cirio, Hasan Elahi, Andrew Hammerand, Mishka Henner, Simon Menner, Julian Roeder and Tomas van Houtryve.

Curators: Stuart Alexander, Susan MeiselaszYukiko Yamagata

The exhibition is part of the 2018 Privacytopia events that take place within the context of the International Conference Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP): The Internet of Bodies.

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