Up-and-coming photographers live their passions and reveal their true selves.
Freedom of speech through the democratization of creative tools is one of the great developments in this awakening millennium.
A photographer is a person who conveys meaning by looking, someone who is able to evoke emotion and trigger inspiration through his own unique point of view.
The exhibition ‘Reveal The Real You‘ portrays a generation which looks at life on a screen and translates its fantasies into everyday experiences. Each in their own way, they are pioneers who challenge the philosophical and technological boundaries to conquer the  world of art, fashion, design and photography.
For ‘Reveal The Real You’ Huawei launched a call to upcoming Belgian photographers to share their passion by sharing images, made with a smartphone or camera.
More than 1.600 contemporary artists and creatives took part from 7 to 30th of November in the unique photography contest on Instagram by using the hashtag #revealtherealyou and @huaweimobilebe.
The 50 most inspiring pictures are exhibited here in BOZAR.