Gilles Perraudin founded his practice in 1980. Ever since, environmental issues have been a priority in his approach to architecture. For this, the choice of materials and production processes is of crucial importance and that led him to rediscover stone. With unquestionable environmental virtues, it is a material that is used all too infrequently today despite its contemporary qualities. Perraudin thus developed a distinctive way of working, with an appreciation of a given situation and a judicious choice of materials as the point of departure in producing architecture of sobriety and serenity.   

On 6 February, A+ and BOZAR are inviting him to speak about his work and architectural approach.

Following the lecture by Gilles Perraudin, architects from the Parisian firm Barrault Pressacco, founded in 2009, will be making the case for using local materials as they present a housing project using solid stone recently completed at the heart of the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Through combination with other materials, the precision of execution and command of construction principles, Barrault Pressacco returns stone to its rightful place in contemporary architecture. 

Finally, Freek Persyn of the Brussels firm 51N4E will be hosting a discussion focusing in particular on stone and the impact of its use on the design method, construction approach and realisation of a building.